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Nate’s Notes 42: Craig Crossland | The Power of Recognition

By November 22, 2022June 8th, 2023No Comments

Craig Crossland

Business Professor at the University of Notre Dame

Incoming CEOs with premium pay packages perform accordingly, study shows | News | Notre Dame News | University of Notre Dame

If anyone has ever nailed the theme of simple, practical, and under-appreciated, Craig Crossland did. I absolutely love the lessons he shared.

First, genuine, honest, recognition has almost untold benefits. People want to feel part of a group, but they also want to stand out, and recognizing them for their contributions accomplishes both.

Many of the people we’re surrounded by are self-motivated. So it’s our job to make sure they have enough resources, and then just get out of the way, and recognize them for the great work they’re doing. 

I said it during the interview, but I think it’s worth repeating here…unless you’ve been part of an organization that effectively recognizes people for their contributions, via a weekly newsletter, or some other way, it is so easy to under-appreciate just how valuable this is. 

Second, as we try to constantly recognize others for their contributions, we should especially look to recognize those people who are under-appreciated. Everyone wants to be recognized and appreciated, but some people will naturally feel more appreciated than others. So we can get the biggest bang for our buck by showing the “accompanying spouse” and other under-appreciated people, that they deserve the same level of attention, care, and love as everyone else.

And finally, when we’re stressed out and panicked, others are likely feeling the same way, so we can help them by projecting an air of calm…by staying cool on the radio, so to speak. 

Staying calm wont fix COVID. But we can help people, in some small way, by displaying calm that we may not have ourselves. And having worked under Craig at Notre Dame during COVID, I can say that his example was calming and inspiring. 

Craig is one of the of the most effective leaders I have ever worked for, and I loved getting a glimpse into his approach to leadership: recognize others and stay calm.

It’s a simple idea. Please take it seriously. 

Craig Crossland Bio:

Craig Crossland is a Professor and Senior Associate Dean in the College of Business at the University of Notre Dame. Craig completed his undergraduate degree in Australia, his masters degree in Ireland, and his PhD in the US. His research on business executives has been covered in numerous national publications such as the The Atlantic, CNBC, Harvard Business Review, NPR, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington post among others.

Craig is also an incredible leader, as I worked under him for three years at Notre Dame. I hope you enjoyed learning from Craig Crossland, because I always do.  

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