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Sundays with Tozer

In 1998, Tozer gave me the book Tuesdays with Morrie , which describes the impact Professor Morrie Schwartz had on his student Mitch Albom. Tuesdays with Morrie became my favorite book. I wanted to be like Morrie, so much so that I became a professor just like Morrie.

For years I have been wanting to write a biography of Tozer. Then one day I thought about Mitch Albom interviewing Morrie Schwartz each Tuesday, and I asked Tozer if I could interview him each Sunday. Fortunately, Tozer agreed, and Sundays with Tozer was born.

A math and science prodigy, Tozer grew up on a farm where formal education was all but prohibited. Yet somehow Tozer would make his way to the world’s most prestigious firms, first in Silicon Valley and later in Los Alamos at the world’s preeminent scientific lab.

Yet no professional accomplishment compares to the countless lives Tozer has saved, changed, and enhanced.

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  • Episode 3: Work Ethic
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