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Nate’s Notes 57: C. Arden Pope III | Flexibility & Opportunism

By March 9, 2023June 8th, 2023No Comments

C. Arden Pope III

Professor at Brigham Young University

C. Arden Pope III

It was so great to learn from Professor Arden Pope again, and I love the lessons he shared.


Don’t get too frustrated when things don’t turn out the way you planned. Arden went from rural farm boy, to a college student on probation, to an economics professor doing groundbreaking research on air pollution…a path that no one could have predicted.


Latch on to the good opportunities that come your way. Arden realized he had some natural ability in economics, and he enjoyed it, so he pursued it. And then later, when Arden got data on pediatric respiratory hospitalizations, he latched on to that opportunity and published groundbreaking research that was used by the American Cancer Society, the CDC, and even challenged in the Supreme Court. This line of research then became the basis of his research for the next 30 years.


Work hard and have integrity. Arden learned to work hard as a farm boy, and then applied that same work ethic to learning the Thai language when he served a church mission to Thailand. He then applied that work ethic to academic pursuits, and ultimately landed a job as a professor at BYU.

I love the lessons Arden shared because he’s a walking example of those lessons. Be flexible, latch on to good opportunities, and work hard with integrity.

All simple ideas…please take them seriously.

C. Arden Pope III Bio:

C. Arden Pope III is a Professor of Economics at Brigham Young University. He received his Ph.D. from Iowa State University and was a Fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health. In 1989, he authored a seminal study on the health effects of air pollution. He has since become one of the world’s most cited and recognized experts on the topic. Arden was also my very first, and favorite professor, at BYU. I hope you enjoy learning from Professor Pope today, because I always do.

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