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Nate’s Notes 83: Dave Ulrich | Four Questions to Find Clarity

By July 31, 2023No Comments

Dave Ulrich

Professor at the Michigan Ross School of Business and Author

Dave Ulrich

Thanks for listening to this episode of Meikles & Dimes. I love the questions Dave asked.

First, What do you want? This may be the most critical question we face because if we don’t know what we want, somebody will define it for us. For example, the executive in New York City making millions each year needed to be reminded that what he really wanted was a relationship with his son. Knowing what we want gives us certainty in a world of uncertainty.

Second, Who do you serve? If we don’t give back, our lives are essentially meaningless. The research says that service, philanthropy, and giving makes us better, so find someone to mentor, and find people to help. And all the better if our career becomes a calling to make a difference.

Third, How do you build? Are we part of an organization that is bigger than ourselves?  Are we building an organization that is better than us? Are we part of a system where the collective group comes together to generate organizational success? It can be difficult, and maybe impossible, to make a difference without being part of an organization that is bigger than ourselves.

Fourth, Where are you? In Genesis God asks Eve, where are you? For decades Dave thought that was a question about physical location. But 15 years ago Dave saw the question through the lens of the emotional, social, and intellectual. Are you going to change and grow? Are you going to let your mistakes define you? Or are you going to own it, accept it, learn, and grow.

By thinking deeply about each of these questions, and then answering them for ourselves, I believe we will all live a better life.

It’s a simple idea. Please take it seriously.

Dave Ulrich Bio:

Dave Ulrich is a Professor at the Michigan Ross School of Business, partner at the RBL Group, and one of the most recognized and influential leaders in Human Resources.

The recognition Dave has received is staggering: Dave was Ranked the #1 most influential person in all of HR by HR Magazine, 1 of the 10 most innovative and creative thinkers by Fast Company, 1 of the world’s top 5 business coaches by Forbes, and the #1 management educator and guru by Business Week. And in 2012, Dave received the Lifetime Achievement Award from HR Magazine for being the “father of modern human resources.”

Dave has published 30 books and over 200 articles and served on the editorial board of numerous academic journals. Dave also served on the board of directors of Herman Miller for more than a decade. He has presented his work in 90 countries, consulted with more than half of the Fortune 200 companies, and coached countless successful business leaders.

I hope you enjoy learning from Dave Ulrich today, because I always do.

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