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Nate’s Notes 87: From Academia to Agriculture | Rob Holmes’ Goal to Feed the World

By August 24, 2023No Comments

Rob Holmes

Founder and co-owner of Eco-Cattle

I loved hearing Rob’s story and learning about his dream to feed the world. And of course, the lessons and quotes he shared were fantastic:  

First, “History turns on small hinges” and “The little things are the big things.” As Rob looked at the success and failures of himself and others, he observed that brilliance, talent, and grand gestures never outperform small, consistent, persistent efforts. Those who succeed are consistent and persistent in small things in an area they really care about. The tree root will always push up the sidewalk if you give it enough time.

Second, don’t try to go it alone. If we’re depending only on the knowledge in our own head, we’re limiting ourselves. For Rob that meant adding a business partner to provide accountability and someone to share ideas with. We need the filter of other people who can help us weed out the bad ideas and fertilize the good ones.

I admire and respect Rob for who is and the dreams he has. He is incredibly smart, kind, interesting, and talented. He left the ease, consistency, and predictability of tenure to return to the endless challenges, struggles, and unpredictability of agriculture. He embodies the quote he shared by Thomas Paine: “What we obtain too cheaply we esteem too lightly; it is dearness only that gives everything its value.”

Finally, as Rob and I were wrapping up the interview, I mentioned that I had recorded him singing “Bring Him Home” on my cell phone. That recording is what you can hear now. The audio quality is not great, but Rob’s voice is fantastic, and it will give you yet another glimpse into how talented Rob is. And if you’re like me, and want Rob to succeed, visit to learn more about Rob and his goal to feed the world.

Rob Holmes Bio:

Rob Holmes is the founder and co-owner of Eco-Cattle, a ranch in northeast Kansas that raises grass-fed meat using regenerative agricultural processes. Before founding Eco-Cattle, Rob was a biology professor at Hutchinson Community College. Rob earned a PhD in plant biology with a minor in biotechnology from North Carolina State and an undergraduate degree in botany from BYU.

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